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From: jenny moreau
Subject: CavemanTitle: Caveman
by: Jenny Moreau
type: Femdom/BDSM/TGCAVEMAN - Part One:Judy had met Mac but a year earlier. She had just graduated from high
school; he was a rich and self-made man, who had volunteered to coach the
girl’s volleyball team; a team she had starred on as a tiny sexy teenies lollitas student. He was
pushy, but not unnecessarily so. She was sure, in her youthful naivete, that
she could make him bend a little; she was wrong. Mac Wilson was the original
male chauvinist pig. Males were to dominate; females were to obey, and that
was the only important item that males and females needed to consider to
ensure a smooth running lolitas jovencitas videos x relationship — married or unmarried; they were not.She had been told to be ready when he got home; she had maybe a half an hour
left to complete the task. The last time she had not been ready her behind
had glowed for days. She knew she was going to be punished this night, but
she did “not ” want it to be special punishment.She stood in front of the full length mirror and preened herself. Her long
brunette naked lolita nymphet board
tresses reached to the middle of her back. Her equally black
panties and bra, collectively not weighing more than a few ounces, had no
fringes and revealed a crease in the fore part of her loins and a pair of
tiny buttons in the center of her chest.
Her lips were tinted bright red; only her eyes now remained to be made up,
that and her perfume. The shadow, the mascara would complete the picture.
She would of course use the best perfume she had. She smiled when she
thought of the effect her perfume invariably had upon him.She heard the garage door opening. Now she shivered a little as she knew her
ordeal would soon begin. She welcomed his caveman dominance. A year before
she would have had him arrested for even suggesting what she now submitted
to willingly, even enthusiastically. He was coming up the stairs. She got
down on her knees, placed her hands at her sides and gazed demurely down at
the floor. ******”You’re ready. Good,” he said almost languidly. “And you smell good.” His
words made her happy.Mac Wilson was medium height, had brownish-blond hair, was rugged looking,
and carried himself like the 28 year old sometime amateur athlete that he
was. He wore khaki pants and a like colored no-collar, three-button shirt..
He sported cowboy boots of a very inexpensive variety. Though a
millionaire, Mac hated ostentation; decoration, he was fond of saying, was
for Christmas trees.”Thank you sir.”"You know why I told you to be ready tonight don’t you?” he said, ignoring
her politeness.”I think so sir.”"Then what is that reason, Judy? Tell me the reason. I really want to know.”"You just feel like doing me, that’s all,” she said.”That is absolutely correct. I do feel like doing you. You want me to do you
don’t you?”"Yes, sir. I very much want you to pleasure yourself on me.” Judy was
blushing. She had said similar things before, but each time it thrilled her.
The notion that she had a man who wanted to have her, use her, even abuse
her because she was, as he said, incredibly sexy to look at, thrilled her
like she had never been thrilled by any boy. She was confident that he would
not permanently harm her, but she knew she was going to be mighty
uncomfortable by the time he finally fucked her, probably after a couple of
hours of teasing and torment.”Good,” he said. He walked over to a small standing-closet nestled in the
far corner of the room. It was a room with few furnishings: a low
straight-backed chair; two paintings of rural scenes on the walls; and a
heavy, rectangular, oaken table sans any chairs of its own. From the closet
he retrieved a switch, a thin branch from a tree in the yard. Slender,
whippy, and green it would sting like fire. He also brought out a few
strands of rope. He laid the things on the table. He walked over to the
single chair and placed it in front of her; she was still on her knees. He
moved between the chair and the girl. `Undo my pants.”Judy reached for the belt buckle and loosened it. In turn, she unbuttoned
his pants and drew them down to his knees. She waited for his next command.”My underpants,” he said, “pull them down.” She did so. “You must now suck
my penis, and lick it all around; my scrotum too.” She reached slowly
forward taking the shaft of his cock lightly in her left hand. She stroked
it equally lightly with her picture free lolita russia right the way he had taught her. The man-thing
jerked spasmodically in her fingers thrilling her; soon he would impale her
on it, and she would be the one jerking spasmodically. She leaned forward
and licked the length of his thing sensually. She dipped her head slightly
and sucked his ball sack into her mouth sucking on the twin marbles
gingerly. Soon she illigal porn young lolitas
was licking and sucking his cock roughly; the sensation
almost drove him out of his mind, but he weathered it.Mac sat down now, and she continued her ministrations even licking the
insides of his thighs. She was his slave free lolita child porn now, and she loved it. Forgotten
was the inevitability of the spanking she was yet to experience. She could
only focus on one thing at a time and sucking her man’s cock was the one
thing.”Take off my boots.” She obeyed, struggling with the difficult to remove
cowboy wear. She was more or less familiar with the method by now though,
and got them off far more easily than was the case with her earliest
attempts. Now take off your panties, but leave your bra on.”Judy stood, nude little loltas pics hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her thong panties and
pushed them down and off of herself; she was totally naked except for her
wispy bra.Mac, also naked from the waist down, stood and pushed her gently away; she
knew it signaled the second stage of the evening. She once more knelt with
her legs slightly separated, hands at her side, and with her eyes glued to
the carpet.Walking behind her he grabbed her by her hair, raised her to her feet, and
guided her awkwardly to a width end of the table. He spun her around to face
him. “I love you and I am going to punish you now,” he said sincerely almost
sweetly.She gulped and softly muttered words of love back to him.”I want to spank you, but only if you are ready for it. Do you wish me to?”"Yes sir. I do. Please do me, and please give it to me good; make me dance.”He smiled at her acquiescence. “I’m going to bind your hands and feet. It
won’t frighten you I hope.”"It’s okay. It will help keep me from bucking too wildly and hurting
myself.”"Yes, exactly, that is why I am going to do it..” He kissed her, privete nude lolita pics slowly
insinuating his tongue into her mouth as she opened it to receive him. He
pushed her back, turned her, and drew her hands behind her back;
involuntarily she resisted, but he was far too strong for her. He young litlle preteen lolitas bound them
tightly, but not painfully. He gently shoved her forward. He bent her over
the table. Bending down himself, he spread her legs wide and lashed her
ankles, young litlle preteen lolitas also tightly, to the table legs. He walked around to the side of the
table. Picking up a pet collar that had been on the opposite end of the
table all along, he fastened it around her neck. He then attached a leash to
it and secured it to the far end where a pair of steel hooks had been placed
on the unobserved underside of the table, effectively drawing her forward
and stretching the upper half of her body at length along the flat surface.
She could wiggle a nude little loltas pics little but only a little. As a final operation, Mac
inserted a butt plug into the topless toplist autorank loli anus of the girl and stood back to admire and
observe her helplessness. “It’s time my love.” She lay still and awaited her
punishment.The man lifted the switch and raised it high. It crashed down on the girl’s
exposed flesh cruelly. She jerked fiercely trying to escape the sting of the
rapier-like instrument. She held her breath as she awaited the next count.
It stung terribly when it came; she squealed desperately. She tried to bury
her Venus mound in the table’s surface to lessen the pain. He rained torment
upon her now; her sexy little lolita preteens cries mixed with sobbing noises brought her no succor.
Soon she was numb from the terrible flames that consumed her buttocks and
upper thighs. Her buttocks sustained seemingly innumerable spanks before her
caveman rested. The third stage of the evening was about to take place, but
he would let her wait for a few moments before he took her. She was already
spread and vulnerable to his invading cock, all seven very thick inches of
it. She waited sobbing quietly from the effects of the discipline.Mac unsnapped her bra and removed his own shirt; they were the last
remaining vestiges of clothing that either still wore.Mac noticed lolita incest pedo sex a shadow at the edge of the widow pane directly in front of him
just as he moved to mount the helpless female from behind. Then he saw her
full on. It was Judy’s younger sister Karen. girl 12 yo lolita Mac and the sixteen year old on
the other side of the glass stared at each other. Judy was unaware. Mac
began fucking his girl while her sister watched. He took his time. He wasn’t
sure, but he suspected that the teen was playing with herself while her
sister was being screwed. How much had she witnessed? At the moment it
didn’t seem to matter much; Judy was nineteen and what they were doing was
consensual. But none of that concerned Mac at that moment. His cock had
hardened into a rod of steel knowing that the young girl outside was
watching him fuck another.He began to speed up as the pressure in his sexy little lolita preteens scrotum mounted. Soon he was
driving wildly into the sopping pussy of free lolita models erotic
the whimpering love of his life,
and she was pushing back to engage his pile driving tool as much as her
bound extremities would allow. He exploded washing the insides of her belly
with loads of cum. He bent forward an lay gasping across her prone back. ******After Mac had finished and released Judy, they had showered together and
lain on the huge king sized bed in their room, utterly spent. Mac used a
mild cream to ease the sting in the girl’s buns. She languidly played with
his cock as she faded and fell blissfully to sleep. Mac smiled to himself;
Karen was in the house — somewhere — the thought intrigued him, but not
now; he was too tired; he too drifted off; tomorrow would bring interesting
situations… ******Mac was up at first light. nude little loltas pics He slipped down to the kitchen on a mission to
rejuvenate his sleepy form with a cup of reheated coffee. Seated at the
kitchen table was Karen.Mac and Judy had invited the younger teen to come and stay with them during
the school break. Judy missed her sister. Their parents, liberal to the nth
degree, saw no harm in the visit. After all Mac was wealthy, gentlemanly,
and considerate; the family hoped that Judy and he would soon wed. But, if
they didn’t, well, this was the nineties. But now Karen, who was supposed to
be elsewhere that evening had discovered them.The smug look on Karen’s face assured the man that he had not dreamed the
episode of the previous evening. She had watched her sister get it and get
it good. Additionally, he was certain, she had gotten off on it.”How much did you see?” he asked not pretending anything — as if he could
have anyway.”Do you whip her like that often?”So, she had seen it young litlle preteen lolitas all, or nearly all. “Fairly often.”"Do you enjoy it that much.”"Yes, and so does she.”"Really.”"Yes, really.”"You fucked her good and proper.”"You shouldn’t be talking like that about your sexy little lolita preteens
sister.”"I wasn’t born yesterday, Mac. I think it’s kind of romantic. Off beat, but
romantic.”"You do?”"Yes,” she said.”Ever tried any of it?”"Well, not the way you mean,” she said smiling for the first time.”And just what is that supposed to mean?”"It means that I spank my boyfriend. And, just for the record, he adores it.
Sometimes I even let him fuck me, but not always. Does that answer your
question?”"Uh — yes — I guess,” he said genuinely at a loss for words for one of the
few times in his life.Mac took a good look at the fresh looking, sexy little lolita preteens slightly freckled,
dishwater-blonde seated across from him. She was the prototypical teen:
sassy, full of herself, afraid of little, and nearly as stunning as her
sister. His cock was sending him messages.”Good. I want to play too,” she said.”What do you mean, `play topless toplist autorank loli too.’”"I mean I want to make it a threesome.”"You what!”"Don’t act so shocked. And besides, you’d enjoy the heck out of it.”"But…”"Yes, I know it’s my lolita incest pedo sex sister. Well, I happen to think she’d get a kick out of
seeing your naked ass spread out on that table privete nude lolita pics getting the wrong end of that
switch.”"I…”"Admit it. You’d love having me do you. For my part, I can hardly wait.”She talked and he stuttered for the next half hour. Only Judy — disheveled
and smelling of serious sex — joining them in the kitchen cut short the
conversation. Mac knew he was going to submit to the teen. It was only a
matter of getting Judy to go along with it.CAVEMAN, PART TWO:Rich or not, Mac had to go ls lolita free video
to work. This was one day he would have preferred
not to, but Karen had shooed him out; she was going to pave the way with her
sister. He was dubious, even marginally worried, but something in Karen’s
demeanor engendered confidence. It was a confidence, he knew, that might
very well manifest itself in the domination of — him! ******”Well, little sister, what shall we do today since the man of the house is
off to the rat race.” She stirred her coffee as they sat in the kitchen, as
she supposed, to plan their day together.”Hehehehe!” Karen tittered unreservedly at the unsuspecting nineteen year
old.”What? — what?” queried Judy with the knitted brow of one completely out of
the loop.”I Know what you did,” sing-songed Karen while doing her level best not to
break out in a rash of uncontrolled guffaws.”Huh?”"Okay,” said Karen suddenly conspiratorial. “I saw Mac fuck you yesterday.
You know you really should put up some curtains if you two are going to play
like that in there.”"Wha…”"Yes, I saw you strapped to the table. I saw him punish you. Just for the
record, did you deserve it?” No matter, it was really cool. I especially
like the way your toes were dancing to the beat of the switch. You’re really
quite attractive being the disciplinee.”"Oh my…”"Get a grip, Judy, it’s no big deal. You’re probably feeling embarrassed
right now, but you really were something to see, and I think it’s fine.”"You do?” said young litlle preteen lolitas Judy in a quavering voice.”Yes, of course. It’s just fun. Just sex. I never thought of you as a
virgin. Just when did you lose your virginity anyway; I’ve been tiny sexy teenies lollitas
curious about that; you’re so closed mouthed.”"It’s none of your…”"yes, yes, I know. It’s none of my business. Sheesh. you’d think it was a
trade secret or classified or something. Look, I’ve seen you getting your
butt beat with a switch and then getting your pussy pounded by what looked
like a pretty sizable piece of meat, and in that order.”Judy finally got control of her voice. “What in the hell were you doing
spying on me. And, what do you mean coming in here and talking to me like
this. You’re my tiny sexy teenies lollitas
`little’ sister; I would have hoped that you would have been
nice enough to allow me some privacy!” Judy had arrived at the confluence of
the three rivers of: confusion, concern and righteous indignation. She was
groping to regain some semblance of control and at the same time to take
stock of her situation vis a vis her sister.”Yes, you are my older sister. I love you. I think you love me as well. I
was surprised to see you getting it last night, but I am not shocked; I am
merely excited about it.”"But…”"Look, I want to join you.” There, she’d said it. Judy’s mouth gaped open.
No sound came out.”Will you listen to what I have to say?” asked Karen.Judy finally managed a curt, “Go on.”"I had no idea you were into the scene, you know, B&D. I’m into it too, but
I’m a top; Lars Hatfield is my boyfriend, my submissive boyfriend. And
before you ask, yes, he has fucked me. I wish he was here now. I’m so horny
I could fuck the proverbial gear shift.”"Karen!”"Yes?”Judy was all of a sudden again without words to utter.”Judy, I’m not into your boyfriend, I would just like to do a threesome. You
know, have fun. Maybe even do it more than once, like occasionally, if you
know what I mean.”"How long have you been fucking boys, Karen?” Judy asked.”Since I was thirteen. Well, that was my first. No, not Lars. It was Mr.
Helden from next door. He saw me out on the patio without my top and came
over into our yard and propositioned me. He happened to get me in a weak
moment. He whipped out his thingy and let me examine it. It sure looked big
to me, but not as big as Mac’s. Then he pulled off my panties, pushed my
legs back up around my ears and fucked the livin’ daylights out of me; I
liked it, but he never dared to try it again and I let him get away with it.
Like I said, I liked it.”"Sweet gawd almighty!” Judy was beside herself. She was also chagrined to
realize that her pussy was soaking wet. “You could have gotten preggers.”"I suppose. Look, whaddya say. Let’s do a threesome. Tell you what, I’ll
spank Mac. Don’t you think it would be neat to watch `him’ doing the dance
for once? I’m pretty good at that stuff.”"He’d never…”"Oh, I know how to handle the all powerful male ego. He’ll take his medicine
from me; trust naked lolita nymphet board me.”"I don’t know Karen. I don’t even know how I’d approach the question with
him.”"Then you’re interested?” Karen said almost gleefully.”Maybe. lolita nude beach video
I mean, it would be interesting, but apart from spanking him, what
else might you have in mind.”Karen knew she had won. There was going to be a threesome, and it would
happen that very night. She had to plan. The orchestration had to be
delicately approached. Karen did not feel confident letting Judy know that
Mac and she had already discussed and agreed to the issue. Anyway, it would
be more erotic if Judy thought everything was spontaneous. “Well, after he
get’s his cumuppance, I’d suck him and you’d fuck him, or vice versa,
whatever you’d like.Judy and Karen discussed, argued, fretted and eventually came up with a
modus operandi for the evening’s festivities. Mac would be more than a
little surprised at the completeness of the plan the two females would
unleash on him that P.M. ******The two girls were dressed to kill, not too sexy, but very enticing. Judy
wore a yellow one piece dress with a flared skirt. Her hair was the wet
look, and her makeup up sultry. Her heels were a conservative two inches.
Karen wore a black skirt with tiny sexy teenies lollitas a red mid-drift exposing blouse. Her hair was
in a very teenage ponytail, and her makeup up made her seem twelve years old
instead of her actual sixteen. Karen’s heels, however, were the five inch
spikes of a girl in charge.”He’s pulling into the garage; I can hear him,” said Judy.”Okay, you massage his ego a little while I wait for the right moment. When
I think it’s time, I’ll come in an take over. Remember, let me run the show;
I’m experienced at this end of things. Oh, by the way, do you want to do the
sucking or the screwing?” Karen batted her lashes at her sister playfully as
she phrased the question.”Hmmm, I think I’ll suck him this time; I do like the taste of his cock.
Besides, I’m curious how you’ll look being rammed by his piston.”"No problem. I just hope he likes his pussy tight and wet.”"I’m sure he will,” said Judy.Karen swept from the room to let the pair get themselves in the right frame
of mind. ******”Hi honey,” said Mac, “tough day. I missed you. Where’s your sister?”"Oh, she’ll be down in a little while. Said she has a surprise for us.”"Oh?”"Yes, don’t know what exactly, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate it.”"I’m sure,” he said nonchalantly. Mac went over to his squeeze and kissed
her passionately; she responded as she nearly always did: with wetter
panties and hardening nipples. His response to her was an obvious tenting of
his pants, a reaction that always thrilled her; what power women had, she
thought to herself; Karen would have no trouble getting this horny male to
submit to her; it was going to be interesting.Without so much as sitting down, or having a drink, or making any undue
small talk; Judy began to undo Mac’s pants. She wanted his cock fast. She
wanted to suck it and lick it and make love to it orally and then it would
be Karen’s turn to orchestrate the second phase of the evening.Sliding his dockers down to his ankles she knelt before him and gently
rolled the loose flesh of his penis in her fingers. She reached behind him,
grabbing his buttocks with her left naked lolita nymphet board hand pulling him closer to her. As she
took his cock between her ruby lips, she slid a finger of her left hand part
way up and into his anus. He jerked in pleasure. he was totally captivated
by his girl’s actions.Judy felt him about to cum and pulled away; he had to be horny for phase two
or he would never agree to it.”Gawd, you’re good,” he said with a sincerity born of lust.”Thank you sir,” she said.Mac looked at her squarely. Something in her tone of voice was not usual.”Hi everyone,” said Karen entering softly from the hallway.Mac almost fainted. Even though she and he had discussed the possibility of
a threesome, he had had no correspondence with her since that cup of coffee
in the early A.M., and he was not at all sure how to react. He was, after
all, standing in front of a teenage girl with his pants down around his
ankles and the clear evidence of generous globules of spit on his penis to
testify to the goings on.Karen had her hands behind her back looking as dainty and petite as she
possibly could. “Can I play?” she asked coyly.”Why Karen, of course you can. It’s okay with you isn’t it Mac?” said Judy;
it was not a question.”Uh — sure. I guess.”"Good,” said Karen. “I have a little surprise for you Mac.” Karen brought
her hands from behind her back. Dangling from her right hand and suspended
almost at arm’s length in front of her was a pair of shiny new handcuffs.
Karen was smiling at Mac’s obvious discomfort.”You don’t mind do you Mac,” asked Judy. “I mean I’m always the one who gets
it, and I don’t mind getting it, but I think that turn around once in a
while makes sense don’t you think, Mac?”"I think so. I mean if that would make you happy.”"Good,” said Judy.”Come here,” said Karen crooking her finger.Mac moved on shaky legs over to where the teen girl still held the steel
shackles in front of her: He was girl 12 yo lolita obviously frightened by the loss of control
that he had enjoyed without interruption until this night. He made himself,
he willed himself to do as the girls asked. If they wanted to punish him, he
would take his medicine as best he could and not complain later. He could do
it. He would do it!Karen held his chin on the fingertips of her right hand for a moment; she
gazed into his eyes, smiled benignly, and finally nudged him a little to
turn him around so that his back was to her. She reached down with her right
hand and took the man’s picture free lolita russia wrist; she shackled it with one of the cuffs as
though she’d had years of practice. She then took his other hand and
repeated the maneuver. Mac was cuffed very tightly now and his arms and
hands were useless to defend himself. Judy, meanwhile, watched in amusement
as her man was readied for his ordeal, an ordeal that she was beginning to
realize would be memorable.Judy wasn’t sure she entirely approved of the goings on, amused as she was
or not. She was really a sub not a top. Karen was taking all of the
initiative, but at some point she would be called on to in some way abuse
her man. Could she do it? She’d know soon enough, she supposed.In the meantime Mac had been relieved of his shoes and his pants and his
underpants all of which had been kicked off and away into the corner. He
still had on his shirt, but Karen was already busy rolling it up to his
armpits so that he was essentially stark naked in front of the two women.”Well, Mac, it seems that your johnson is excited about this business,” said
Karen. She wasn’t smiling at him, but her eyes seemed to be laughing anyway.
His cock throbbed from its excited situation and it stood madly at attention
a full seven inches in extension and as thick as a man’s wrist. Karen let
the index finger of her left hand trace its length; it bobbed and weaved at
her sensuous touch. Karen was only a young girl, and though she was quite
familiar with how to punish a man, she could not refrain from giggling like
the school girl she was at the man’s near helpless state.Judy lolita nude beach video wasn’t sure she liked her sister playing with her man’s cock, teasing
or not. But she couldn’t nude little loltas pics really complain either; Karen was going to let him
screw her, as per their agreement, after she chastised him, and that, no
matter what. Never mind, she thought, she’d suck him raw first. It would be
her nude little loltas pics spit that made his cock slide more easily into her sister’s hole.”Judy would you tie his right leg while I do his left?” Judy bent to the
task and tied her knot very tight; Karen was but best of little lolitas only slightly more
merciful. He was spread-eagled now and all but totally helpless. Judy held
the collar. Her sister laughed.”Of course,” said Karen, “a collar for a little doggie.”Judy strapped the collar on the prostrate man. “There honey. Hope it’s not
too tight, but I don’t think it is.” Karen did the honors with the leash.”Get me the switch,” Karen said to her sister. “It’s almost time for your
spanking Mac. Do you have anything to say before I begin to give it to you.”"Karen — I don’t know about this…”"Second thoughts, Mac? It’s too late. You’re doomed I’m afraid. I am going
to spank you. And then we’re going to use you — both of us — you’ll like
that part I think.”Mac struggled futilely against his bonds. He wasn’t going anywhere. “Judy!
please,” he begged. Judy ignored him; she’d gone through it; he could too;
it was only fair, she thought.Judy handed the switch that she had retrieved from the closet to Karen. The
young teenager moved behind the tethered male. She playfully tickled the
crack in his ass with the end of the switch. Mac jerked involuntarily at the
tickling sensation. Karen raised her hand. A deft movement of her wrist
brought the weapon down suddenly and ferociously upon the backside of the
victim. He bucked as much as the bonds would allow. He bellowed like a
wounded bull. His body went into a twitchy wiggly shiver.While his spanking was going on, Judy stood transfixed. Barely twenty-four
hours earlier, it had been her strapped to the same table, the same way. It
was very very sexy to be on this side of the switch, watching her man
squirm as best he could to escape the sting of the whippy little switch.
Seeing him gag on his own cries, and howl intermittently, and then again
alternately beg for mercy. She could not believe how cruel her younger
sister was; she was a lolita nude beach video
true meany; her boyfriend must be totally
pussy-whipped, she thought, to put up with one like Karen. Then it occurred
to her: Mac was pussy-whipped picture free lolita russia too, a complete and total slave. Oh now… illigal porn young lolitas ******Karen released the thoroughly punished man. She stripped herself completely
and stood before the cave-wimp she had so recently tormented; she was
smiling.Mac for his part, also naked now, surveyed the sixteen year old. She was
beautiful. Not pretty, but beautiful. She was slim. Her “C” cup breasts lay
pouting on her perfectly proportioned torso. Her pussy was shaved smooth,
and her little slit taunted him. He moved toward her and kissed her. He
picked her up and planted her roughly on her back on the table which was
still wet from his sweat and drool. She lay still, awaiting the invasion of
her body that she had so fantasized about.Judy grabbed her man by his shoulder, spun him around and knelt before him.
She was still dressed and she smelled intoxicating to the male. She held him
by his penis.
it was hard and thick and a least seven inches long. She licked it. ls lolita free video She
played with his scrotum and squeezed it “too” hard on purpose. She wanted to
cause him discomfort. He’d acted like a little wimp, continually begging for
mercy almost from the first spank. He would have to be trained, she thought;
she was going to make a man out of him.
Mac twisted his fist in his pthc pedo lolitas bbs
woman’s hair and held her fast as she sucked him
and then sucked him some more. Judy was in ecstasy; Mac was going to be
required to get it up again after he fucked her sister; Judy needed a very
sound screwing too.Judy disengaged herself from Mac and led him over to free lolita models erotic the still prone Karen
who had not even bothered to ls lolita free video watch her sister play cocksucker. Mac young litlle preteen lolitas
loomed over the teen and reached out to hold and knead her breasts. She
spread her legs for him and reached down between her legs to grab hold of
his thingy. She guided it to her sopping cunt. He was not going to be
gentle; he speared her with one thrust hurting her, but not irredeemably so.
He began to thrust and rethrust his pole into her willing loins. Karen
spread her legs even wider to help him fuck her. Now it was she that was
being punished. Punished by her victim’s cock, and she was thrilled by it.
He screwed her for at least twenty minutes before they both began to stiffen
as they reached a well timed dual climax. He came and he came hard. Karen
was faint from the exploding sexy little lolita preteens
series of topless toplist autorank loli orgasms that rocked her fragile
female frame. The little young litlle preteen lolitas sex party had been a roaring success.Judy could not have been happier. She would invite Karen back for an encore
as soon as possible; she had some ideas of her own. In the meantime, she had
a boyfriend to train. ******Mac was concerned. No, interested. He didn’t know what he was. How, he
wondered, had a sixteen year old girl like Karen become so sophisticated.
She was sassy, silly, and smart; those could be the natural traits of any
intelligent teen, but the sexual adventurism she was capable of was not to
be found free lolita child porn
in females less than ten years her senior. He would investigate. ******Back at home after her week of sexual high jinx, Karen, with Judy in tow for
a few days, set up housekeeping in preparation for being left without
parents for the succeeding three days.”We’re home.”"Yes, and it’s nice, but I miss Mac already,” said Judy.”He can live without you for a few days, Judy, it’s not like you have been
together forever or anything.”"Hmmm. Wait until you fall for a guy; then, we’ll see,” said Judy.”Not me,” said Karen, “I like being loose and free.”"You know, Karen, You surprise me. In fact you surprise me just about every
time I talk with you. How did you — I mean where did you…”"Learn about boys and sex and stuff? The club.”"Club? What club? What are you talking about?” said the elder sister.”A kind of play doctor club if you get my drift.”"Doctor? Doctor what? Make sense for goodness sakes.”"You know when your a kid little girls and little boys play doctor. You get
to pull down their pants and look, and they get to lift your dress and do
the same. Play girl 12 yo lolita doctor; get it?”"You mean you learned all of this playing doctor with little boys?”"No, silly. With big boys. And not playing doctor, though I’ve played no nude lolita pictures
a few times. free lolita child porn It’s a sex club. I’ve been in it it since I was a freshman
three years ago. If mom and dad ever found out I’d be killed. I mean they’re
liberal and everything, but not that liberal.”"No shit,” said Judy about as stunned as she’d ever been. “Are you nuts…”"Oh it’s safe. The boys have to use condoms and we don’t screw that much
anyway; there is plenty of other stuff to do without fucking every time we
see a guy’s dick in front of us.”"Three years. I cannot believe it. Why did I picture free lolita russia not know. I mean I was around.
I dated and stuff.”"My boyfriend got me in it,” naked lolita nymphet board
said Karen, “Lars.”"I have got to know. How did he ever convince a girl raised as you were
raised, and I know how you were raised, to join such a club.”"Well, I was bored. I was not a virgin. He begged me on his knees. Told me I
could punish him privete nude lolita pics
if I was even slightly offended or even bored. And, well, I
was curious as topless toplist autorank loli hell about it.”"Wow.”"I’ve gotta tell you, from the very first it was a kick. I loved it.”"How did you get into the B&D stuff? I mean I know that had to be a slower
process.”"Umm, yes, it was. There was a Halloween party. Witches and all. We girls
chained the guys to the wall and pretended to torture them; then we did
torture them. And I don’t know, I liked ls lolita free video the way Lars jerked and cried and
whined and wiggled, the whole thing. That night picture free lolita russia he sucked my toes and tongue
and my pussy — oh gawd how I love to have my pussy sucked by a desperate
male. I even peed in his mouth; he swallowed it all too and thanked me
afterward. He’s completely pussy-whipped of course. Completely my property.”"Who’s all in this — club?” Judy asked.”Well about 15 or 16 guys and about the same number naked lolita nymphet board of girls, maybe a few
less; it changes as some graduate and move away. But there’s always a new
crop of frosh. Nine guys and four of the girls are frosh.”"And you’ve never gotten caught?”"No, and the whole thing is, I think a couple of the teachers know but
haven’t said anything.”"No way.”"Yes, Ms. Halloran for one.”"The P.E. teacher?”"Yeah, one of our members has something on her; lez stuff, you know. Maybe
sex with a minor too. She doesn’t dare open her mouth. But we don’t harm
anyone, and no one has lolitas jovencitas videos x ever gotten pregnant or hurt with us. It’s just sex.”"Criminy! I can hardly believe it. How tight are you with this Lars kid. I
mean I know you say he is your slave and all, but I wouldn’t trust that. I
know men; they’re weak and flighty and stupid sometimes. Oh, and did I
forget to mention big-mouthed?”"No, I’m sure of Lars. I’m even thinking of branding him.”Judy’s mouth flopped open at that. “You wouldn’t dare! His parents would
have your ass in jail.”"I haven’t decided yet. But if I want to, he’ll drop his pants and present
his butt to me, and I’ll fry his pink little ass; don’t you doubt it.
Besides, I’m a minor too. What can they do to me, spank me?”"I just have a hard time nude little loltas pics with this. Don’t you feel odd doing this stuff? I
mean — it’s not normal after all.”"Is too. It’s the weirdoes who make nude little loltas pics everything that’s even slightly
interesting illegal or sinful or whatever that `aren’t normal.’ “”Anyway, you really interested Mac. I think he wants to have another go. I
told him it would be okay with me. I liked it too, but I have to tell you,
I’m still a little uncomfortable with it all.”"So was I in the beginning. And contrary to what you probably think, I did
not just spread my legs when I first joined the club; it was almost a year
and a half, but I did suck a lot of cock and whip a lot of butts. I really
like seeing a privete nude lolita pics
boy dance while I spank the stinker out of him.”Just for the record, Your Mac is something of a wimp isn’t he? I mean I
hadn’t heard so much whining and begging in a long time.”"it was his first time. He’ll get used to it if I want him too.”"Yes, I suppose he’d have to,” said Karen. So would you young litlle preteen lolitas
like to come to a
meeting?”"What meeting?” asked Judy.”Of our sex club silly. You’d like it. You don’t have to do anything you
don’t want to. A lot of beginners just watch the first few times, and then
later join in.”"I don’t have to join in?”"No,” said Karen. “And there is no pressure. Anyway, it’s no fun if the
member doesn’t join in willingly,” said Karen.”Well, just what exactly do you do?”"Everything. Members strip to their underwear when they come in, that’s a
requirement, but it stops there unless the member wants to do stuff. Oh, and
guests do not have to strip unless the want to; nobody will even ask you or
notice you if you don’t. If you do strip then you are open to propositions
that you can reject or not if you’re not a full time member. I wasn’t for a
year and a half.”"Be more specific will you?”"Well, someone like you could just go and sit on a guy’s lap and whisper
what you want him to do in his ear. If you’re a member he will most likely
do what you want, but he doesn’t have to. The only reason he wouldn’t is if
he had prior appointments or orders from a femdom, like myself, to be
monogamous,” Karen said.”So, are you going to come?” asked Karen pushing it.Judy smiled the smile of a girl who had just lolitas jovencitas videos x
discovered the “truth.” She
hadn’t of course, but she was not concerned about details at this point,
only about missing out. “Yes.”"Good.” ******There were about twenty people scattered about the two story suburban home.
The Back yard was well treed and the front broad. The combination secured
the house itself from the prying eyes of lolitas jovencitas videos x the neighbors. Someone had put on a
stack of CDs, but had left the volume low; conversation was everything;
music was but a background mood enhancer.Walking in the door Karen had gone directly to a nearly closet, pulled out a
hanger and removed her clothes; she retained only her panties, a pink thong,
and her bra. Other were attired similarly.Karen remained clothed for the moment as did two others a boy and a girl;
they seemed to be a couple, but were engaged in conversation with separate
others.Karen felt exhilarated, but unsure of herself. She was monogamous, she told
herself. Mac might understand or he might not; she wanted him to at least
have the choice. Two guys were already surrounding her lolita nude beach video sister. One was
exploring her fanny with one hand while the other was toying with a lock of
her hair while he spoke to her; she was smiling; things looked good for the
two studs this night, thought Karen.Another girl, a redhead, was being towed in by her boyfriend on a leash. He
took her by her ponytail and bent her forward over the back of the couch. He
roughly yanked her panties down to her ankles and kicked her feet wide; he
wasn’t brooking any nonsense; this girl was going to be fucked without
ceremony. Pulling his tool out of his jockeys, he stroked the eight inch
penis a couple of times before pressing it against the slit of his “bitch.”
He lunged and buried himself to the hilt inside the teenager’s pussy. His
thrusts pounded her buttocks and his sac lashed her bottom rhythmically. naked lolita nymphet board
squealed in pleasure as he screwed her royally. She pushed lolitas jovencitas videos x back into him
animalistically trying to get him to thrust deeper into her cunt. He leaned
over her now, wrapping his arms around her and pinning her arms to her side
as he powered his girl 12 yo lolita
final thrusts into her, unloading his sperm inside of her.
Spent, he lay languidly over the females back trying to get his breath.Judy hadn’t seen her sister for some minutes mesmerized as she was by the
fucking she had witnessed. She decided best of little lolitas
to try and find her. Wandering down
the long hallway, she spied two semi-open doors. The second revealed her
sister on her knees sucking the dick of one of the youths who had toyed with
her but moments before. In the corner was another youth, a different one. He
was facing into the corner and his hands were tied behind his back. His legs
were spread wide and his sac was clearly visible from the rear. Karen
realized at once that it must be Lars, her sister’s slave. He was being made
to stand there knowing his mistress was on her knees sucking another boy’s
cock; it must be killing him, thought Judy. She walked in.Moving briskly over to where Karen was on her knees she pulled her up and
pushed her away grabbing the boy’s penis as she did so. “My turn sister
dear,” said Karen. Dropping to her knees she inserted the boys shaft into
her mouth and laved it luxuriously. She sucked slowly. She wondered if the
boy thought that she was as good a cock sucker as her sister. She decided
that he probably didn’t give a damn.Karen meanwhile, had taken Lars over her knee and was spanking him furiously
with a hairbrush. He bucked crazily but did not attempt to avoid his
punishment or to beg for mercy he knew it would not be granted. Karen spoke
to him softly while she rained down spanks on his tortured bottom. He was
crying now, but still not whining for mercy or trying to escape; talk about
pussy-whipped, thought Judy.Karen stopped spanking her slave and made him lay on his back across the
flat of a barren coffee table. She lowered herself over his face and
commanded him to eat her.She turned herself so that her butt hole would be
directly over his nose while his tongue did its duty. He clearly had not
“eaten” in an age, a fact attested to by his unaffected gusto. Karen, trying
to maximize her pleasure, ground his face with her pussy while commanding
him to lick and suck harder. The poor boy tried, but Judy’s insatiable
sister was not giving him quarter. Only a series of sudden, violent, jerking
movements on the part of his mistress finally relieved the boy of his labor.For some two hours the girls stayed at the clubhouse and played with various
sexually liberated lotharios. Sated was a word seldom heard between them,
but it surely described them this day. ******Watching the many scenes today, gave me and idea,” said Judy.”And…” said Karen.”While you were off doing your thing…you know before I found you, I saw
something that really turned me on,” said Judy.”And…” repeated the younger girl.”I saw a guy butt fucking another guy. The guy getting the screwing clearly
did not like it. I think he was deathly embarrassed.”"That was Dale Pinkly and Darlene Pinkly’s slave, Marty. Dale and Darlene
brother-sister. Darlene was ticked at Marty’s making passes at some of the
girls and commenting on their clothes, so now she makes Marty wear female
underwear and let’s any many fuck him who wants to or who she can talk into
it.”"I see. Well, anyway, I’d like to bring Lars to our place and let him beautiful preteen sexy lolitas
fuck Mac.”"Really? And do you think that Mac would go for it?” asked Karen.”I can safely say that Mac will do as I wish in the matter.”"Well, yes, but…”"I know, I know, you aren’t sure of your Lars, Right?”"No, no, I guess not. He is my slave. If I want him to butt fuck your
`slave,’ he’ll sexy little lolita preteens ram that pole of his up as far and as deep as I tell him to.”"Then it’s settled,” said Judy, “you two will come over for dinner next
Friday night and we’ll do it then.”"Okay” said Karen with a matter-of-fact look on her face. “But, are you
going to clue in Mac before hand or leave him in the dark until the last
minute?”"I’m gonna keep him in the dark till the dinner. It’ll be more interesting
watching him realize what’s gonna happen to him when the guy who’s gonna do
him is sitting right across from him.”"Yes, very interesting,” agreed Karen. ******The greetings had been sincere. Everybody liked everybody. Drinks were light
but capable of producing a minor buzz if the imbiber were not as careful as
the occasion merited. Mac especially wanted to go slow on the tequila — his
favorite drink — he was completely aware that tonight would be special.Mac also knew that control had passed from himself to his love. She would
set the tone for the night. She it was that would determine the night’s
course. She — not Karen — would be the matron in charge of, well, the
sexual matters to be indulged in. And it thrilled him. He liked not having
to make decisions. He allowed himself that he had done fairly well at
leading at being master, but he harbored no illusions that it had ever been
easy for him. If he ended by marrying Judy, he was completely comfortable
with the notion that it would be a matriarchal union, and one he would
thoroughly enjoy; the thought caused his penis to extend to half again its
resting length.The dinette showed the remains of the special, and light, dinner that Judy
and Karen had planned and prepared so well. It would never due to have one
of their silly men farting in the middle of the show, let alone either of
them. Mac was aglow with anticipation. He had plied Judy with question upon
query trying to find out what was in store, but she was adamant in her
refusal to say anything substantive. His most aggressive interrogatives got
him only a playful,” We’ll just let the evening chart it’s own course.”Judy and Karen, of course knew exactly what was going to transpire and were
iron-willed in their determination to “not” let Mac have a clue. Lars had
been told. He’d balked some at first but Karen’s cane had reminded him of
his place and of his duty. Bent over the back of a chair at the club house,
he had danced crazily on his toes as she whipped his naked buttocks
mercilessly. With his pants held tightly by his knees, he was a squirming,
begging, whining example of the uselessness of questioning an owner’s
prerogative.”So, What now girls,” asked Mac growing impatient with the waiting.”You know, Mac,” said Judy, “you are so impatient. You men, all of you, have
it easy. We girls cook and entertain and take responsibility for nearly
everything; you sit back and demand to know what’s next on the menu.”"Oh come on, Judy, we’re not that bad. Heck, i think that girls have it
easier than us guys do.”"Oh really,” said Karen. I’d like to see you do what we tiny sexy teenies lollitas have to do if you
think it’s all so easy for us females! I bet you’d throw in the towel in a
New York minute.”Mac looked over at Lars for support. The male teen just smirked. “What do
you think Lars? Do guys or girls have it best?” asked Mac.”Oh, I don’t know. Karen, does do a lot of stuff; I mean she works hard as
far as I can see. I guess if I had to say, I’d say that the girls maybe get
the short end girl 12 yo lolita
of things.”"Chicken!” said Mac smiling at the boy.”Lars is not chicken, Mac. I’ve trained him and he does and says what he
knows will please me. You should do as much for Judy,” she said meaning it.”But I do. Don’t I sugar cakes,” said Mac hoping for some vestigial support
from his squeeze.Judy sensed the time was right. “Wanna back up your claims, Mac?” asked Judy
in a voice so sultry that Mac’s cock almost burst through his pants.Mac was no dummy. He knew he was being set up. He didn’t care. He decided to
take the plunge come what may. Judy was so pretty in her black sheath. Karen
was gorgeous too with her jeans tucked into her expensive cowgirl boots, and
her white sleeveless blouse. Whatever the cost he was gonna enjoy the hell
out of this night. “Yeah, I’ll back it up. What have you got in mind.”"Okay, said Judy, but no fair backing out after I tell you.”"I’m not gonna back out, promise.”"Okay, then. We’re gonna give you an opportunity to see what a girl goes
through pthc pedo lolitas bbs
on a date.”"And how’s that exactly.”"Karen’s going to show you,” said Judy. Karen stood. She walked around to
the head of the table where Mac sat, pulled him to his feet by his western
string tie, and guided him out of the dinette into the hall and down it to
his and Judy’s room. ******Lars and Judy were now alone at the table.How’d you meet Karen, Lars, I don’t think you ever said.”"Oh, we had dated a few times. Then, I heard of this club, well you know,
you’ve been there. We went together, at my suggestion. We became close. The
rest is history.”"How come you became her — property.”"It’s okay, don’t be uncomfortable about it; I’m proud of it. Simple. She’s
gorgeous, and I would do anything to keep her. She knew that. She soon had
me in handcuffs, then feminine underwear…”"You mean panties, don’t you topless toplist autorank loli
Lars?” girl 12 yo lolita said Judy interrupting him.”Yes, panties. Then other things. Then the make up. Then one night she got
mad and almost abandoned me.”Almost?”"Yes. I begged her to stay. I begged her on my knees. Some of the players at
the club were into spanking; it gave her the idea, and I really got the
business end of my own belt that night; I still remember it if you can
believe it.”Judy was fully ready to believe no nude lolita pictures it. she’d seen her sister in action; Karen
had a cruel streak. “Can I ask you? You enjoy being punished?”"Yes, and yes. Nothing, and I mean nothing, thrills me more than presenting
my buttocks to her with a switch or a belt in her hand. Sometimes it stings
so much I can barely stand it, but I always do — somehow. I don’t even have
a safe word anymore. She can do as she likes with me. Surrender, is the
ultimate pleasure.”"You think so?” she said.”I do. I know it as a great truth. That’s why i knew Mac was wrong about
what he said before. Wrong in the sense that women don’t sacrifice more than
men do. But, then again, he was accidentally right, when he implied that
women get more pleasure than men do. The y do, the women, because they can
surrender themselves to their masters and experience the ultimate I spoke
of.”"I see.”"Karen says you like to be spanked. True?”"Yes. But I’m also beginning to like the other side as pthc pedo lolitas bbs well.”Just as Lars was going to comment Karen and Mac reentered the room. Lars was
completely taken aback. Mac was now a woman. Recognizable as Mac, but
utterly female. He was wearing a tight fitting black sheath dress, a bra
with some kind privete nude lolita pics of falsies, low heels, billowing blond female hair, and
serious make up. Judy spoke.”My gawd, Karen. You have recreated my man.”"Do you like it?” Karen asked, clearly very pleased with herself.”Yes! Lars, how do you like it?” asked Judy not fearing his answer.Lars found his pthc pedo lolitas bbs voice. “I like it fine. He’s my date?”"Yes, Lars. This is Mindy. She can’t talk, but she is very willing,” said
Karen.The little group automatically moved into the den, the same room where all
but Lars had previously pleasured themselves. there were some changes now.
Mac had put up curtains as per Karen’s suggestion and installed an eight
foot couch and a matching love seat as well.Lars walked slowly over to Mindy and put his arm around her. He hardly
noticed Judy turning down the dimmer switch reducing the harsh light of the
indirect lighting system to a romantic glow. Lars guided the new female over
to the couch.Karen took Judy’s hand and led her to the love seat on the other side of the
wall. ******As Karen led Mac down the hall for his make over, he still wasn’t fully
aware of what was in store for him. Karen was about to educate him.As they entered the spacious bedroom, that Judy had helped him decorate only
some weeks before, Mac could no longer stand the suspense. “So, what young litlle preteen lolitas up
Karen? What have I gotten myself into?”"Sit down, Mac. No not there. There, by the vanity.”Mac was puzzled, but he complied. Mac you said you were game for anything
true?” The man nodded, but it was clear he was uneasy. You get to be a girl
tonight,” she picture free lolita russia said matter-of-factly.The look on his face was that of disbelief to the point of comedy. Then the
shock turned to pallor as her words pthc pedo lolitas bbs sank in. “You’re kidding, right?”"You did say anything.”"But I’m not a woman. I can’t be a woman. I am a tall muscular man. I `need’
to be a man; it’s what I do!”"Yes sir. And you do it so well. I saw you fuck my sister. And when you did
me, it felt `sooo’ good, but tonight I’m going to dress you and make you
over and turn you into a very fuckable girl and Lars is going to do you.
Exciting huh?”Mac had the sensation of not being able to move; even his fingers refused to
twitch. He felt hot and buzzzzy. He understood very well what she had said,
but her words held no reality no feasibility no “possibility”!Karen, beautiful Karen, walked over to him and gently, as only a delicate
girl could, lifted his face with the tips of her fingers. “Let me do you
Mac. I promise you will thank me. It will please me, and it will please your
Judy. We want to see you screwed like a girl gets screwed. We want to see
you lose your virginity. Please?”In a voice that was barely a whisper, he said, “okay.”She made him stand up. She undressed him. Very lightly and briefly she toyed
with his rock hard penis. She had him sit. She applied makeup to his eyes:
shadow, mascara, liner. She used a very fine coat of foundation to his baby
smooth face. The lipstick was next — an orangy shade. Then she applied lolita nude beach video
perfume more suited to a whore than to a well bred fem. Finally it was time
to clothe his nakedness. Black thong panties with built-in tummy tightener
to restrain his bulge. Next his bra and a set of teenage falsies of no nude lolita pictures
a type
that she herself had worn as little as a year earlier. The shoes she slipped
on his feet fit perfectly; a set of low heeled black pumps. The sheath dress
was next to last; she free lolita child porn could see he secretly loved the feel of it. Last of
all the wig. Mac was a tiny sexy teenies lollitas
new person, a new female person.Looking in the mirror, Mac was all but in love with his own image, never
mind that it was a mythical one. ******As the girls settled into the depths of the love seat, free lolita child porn
Lars was already busy
pulling his slightly reluctant date closer to him. His arm around the fem’s
shoulder was controlling. The hand of the other arm was sneaking up the
black sheath causing Mindy’s thigh muscles to contract spasmodically. Soon
Lars was feeling the restrained hardness of his sissy-girl. “Relax Mindy, I
promise to make you glad it was me that took you first.”Mindy, for her part was getting into it. Something had come over her. Being
feminine was intoxicating. Surrendering to a man was arousing him as surely
as he had ever been aroused by a female partner. And Lars was teasing his
privates in a most practiced manner. She let him have his way.Lars stood. He pulled at Mindy to make her turn around. Mindy found herself
with her back to her man, while kneeling on the couch with her butt stuck
backwards in a most lascivious pose. Lars stood behind her and traced the
outline of his dates buttocks and the crease that divided them. he lifted
his dress and let an index finger invade the crease itself. Mindy felt the
string of his thong pulled slightly to the side and a finger insert itself
into her sphincter; it probed deeply.Judy had her arm around Karen, and had slowly insinuated her left hand into
her sister’s bra. Karen decided to let her sister do as she pleased with
her. Judy used her right hand to unbutton her sister’s jeans. Soon she was
massaging her clit through her lolitas jovencitas videos x sopping panties. Karen turned to her sister
and kissed her deeply, passionately.Lars had by now applied KY-jelly to his date’s rectum. Having stripped his
pants to his ankles, he was now pressing the tip of his tool against the
fem’s backside and sliding in with effort. Mindy was gasping in discomfort,
but she was not trying to evade her fate; indeed she was pushing back
against the invaders’s cock. Lars finally gained entry into Mindy’s virgin
hole. He waited. He whispered words of encouragement to her. A length he
leaned forward wrapping his arms around the bent over fem; one hand found
the other’s loins and squeezed the she-male’s shaft. With that Lars buried
his cock deep inside the fem and began a rhythmic pumping motion. Mac almost
fainted with desire, overcome as he was with the pleasure-in-pain of it all.Soon Lars exploded. Mindy was making unintelligible noises as he felt hot
cum fill ls lolita free video his hole.Karen was humping three of her sisters fingers and stiffening as wave after
wave of orgasmic passion swept her along. ******The morning after, Karen and Lars left early. Judy and Mac screwed like
bunnies until noon, when spent, and finally unable to perform, they went
downstairs for coffee and bagels and cream cheese.”Well?” she asked smiling broadly.”Well what?”"You know what.”He surrendered. “It was okay. I really got into it after a little bit. It
did hurt at free lolita models erotic
first though. I prefer being a man, but the occasional game is
okay.”"You looked pretty good you know. I think Lars really was turned on by you.”"Trust topless toplist autorank loli me naked lolita nymphet board I know he was. As he was fucking me, he kept whispering for me to
be a good baby and take my screwing like a real woman. You know, it made me
feel better; I mean his whispering to me.”"Really.”"Yes. But this morning when you rolled me over and impaled yourself on my
cock… Well, gawd it felt good and safe and fun and sexy and wonderful. privete nude lolita pics You
have the best pussy I’ve ever fucked.”"Better than Karen’s?” Judy’s smile betrayed her amusement at his
discomfort.”I won’t kid you; she’s a trip. But yes, you’re the best flat period.”She believed him. “Let’s join Karen’s club.”"Consider it a done deal,” he said.word count: 10,450
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